About Us

DFM VIVA! Is the elite touring group of BALLET FOLKLORICO LOS ANGELITOS, which is part of the expressive arts program of Casa Hogar Los Angelitos.
The Folkloric Dance and Expressive Arts program through Casa Hogar Los Angelitos includes 60-70 students from ages 6-23 years of age who rehearse 12-16 hours per week. The discipline of the training develops their individual skills, talent, self esteem and self confidence.  To be part of this program students must work for educational success and be exemplary examples in their community.

Through instrumentation, song and dance the performers take their audience on an artistic journey into distinct regions, era, and customs of Mexico. Audiences are immersed in a sensory experience and visually stunning traditional costumes. Dance is a way to express regional distinction, and the rhythms of a people, both ancient and modern. This group of young student performers have mastered the celebration of Mexico’s vibrant culture, storied history and exuberant passion for music and dance.  What distinguishes one performer from another is their personal stories. While the program was founded at Casa Hogar Los Angelitos children’s home, and many performers continue to reside at the home, the dance program has embraced the community as well and provides opportunities to other deserving youth to participate.  However, it is impossible for the audience to distinguish the casa hogar youth from those who are not, a poignant tribute to the youth themselves. Each individual performer has cultivated a deep appreciation for their country’s traditions, an informed and engaging knowledge of historic tradition, an earnest desire to share their culture and customs through music and dance. Through this program they are  given the opportunity to nurture self esteem, intelligence, personal integrity, leadership qualities and dreams of hope for their future.  Members of Ballet represent their country with love, effort and dedication.  We feel it is important for people of the world to see how young people with limited opportunities can achieve their goals, while helping people of other countries to know the magic and color of their home, Mexico, as represented through each dance and custom that is presented. We hope you enjoy our program!  VIVA MEXICO!

“Children who regularly play an instrument, sing or dance are more likely to go to college, and do well in math, science and reading!”